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Specializing in serving corporate clients

You started a photography business because you have that natural eye for composition, for the artistic freedom this profession allows, simply to follow your passion, or all of the above! But you didn’t go into the photography business to be so busy trying to please your many clients and expanding that you don’t have any time to grow your craft or business and specialize. Unfortunately, this can happen quite easily, and all because you are doing what you think is right to establish yourself. In reality, specializing will help you build your skills and grow your business.

Especially when you first start out, not saying yes to any and all work seems counter-intuitive, and, frankly, terrifying! But I discovered if you get caught up trying to be everything to everyone, you probably will end up not serving anyone to the best of your abilities. Rather, you have to narrow your brand, so that you can produce your best work.

You don’t want your reputation to be that of sub-par work, or even worse, poor quality work, especially if it is not even a reflection of your skill level. Don’t let your hectic schedule dictate your brand. Shift your focus, and become really good at one type of photography, and you will be in charge of your reputation again. Instead of sacrificing your quality for quantity, you can create the quantity through quality!
This is exactly why specializing in one type of photography was the best business advice I ever received! It was only once I started focusing on one type (in my case, corporate clients) that my business grew dramatically.

Establish yourself as an authority in the area you choose. Instead of swimming upstream against your competitors with no real direction, you can take control and become an expert. When you are solely focused on your type of photography, your can separate yourself from the rest, and become well-known and the go-to in your genre.

Although you might feel as though you are limiting your client base by marketing to a specific type, you are actually widening your net. Just as this article suggests, by focusing on, and solving well, one particular need, the more clients that will come to you to fulfill exactly that, or even one that is similar. In this sense, you are not limiting your business, but, rather, expanding your brand. You will no longer be a photographer, but THE photographer in your type.

By narrowing the focus of your business, you are broadening the scope of your potential. You are adding the lifetime value of a repeat clients, and, subsequently, huge opportunity for long-term profit. You are improving and honing your skills of your trade to produce the best product of your career, and remain relevant in the industry. And you are creating and leaving your niche, and building a foundation for a lasting future of your business. Take my advice, move forward confidently in the best business advice I ever received, and become a specialist in one type of photography in your business.

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